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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding € 29,90 booking fee.

Flights to Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun might seem like a lifetime away but not for those who are smart enough to book cheap flights to Japan with CheapTickets.nl. Then there will be time to enjoy a totally different culture that encompasses stylish temples, mind-boggling festivals, and ancient traditions such as tea ceremonies. So catch some flights to Japan to experience all this and much more before it is too late.

About Japan

Consisting of four main islands – Hokkaido in the north, Honshu with the capital Tokyo on it, Shikoku, and Kyushu, containing Mt Aso, the world’s largest active volcano – Japan is made up of many different parts, each area offering its own special delights. For those lucky enough to be on flights to Japan, discovering what makes this relatively small country with a huge reputation tick is indeed precious.

Must see spots in Japan

The sight of the magnificent bronze Buddha towering over visitors in Kamakura, just south of Tokyo, is worth flights to Japan alone to some travellers. Others flock to the ancient capital of Kyoto, filled with temples and shrines, gardens and palaces, the home of traditional culture.

The perfectly conical sight of Mt Fuji, immortalised in so many paintings and poetry, is why many people catch flights to Japan. Climbing during the night to see the sunrise from the summit is a magical experience not to be missed. Nearby is Hakone, home to many hot springs that you can indulge in.

The northern most district of Honshu is Tohoku containing Matsushima which consists of hundreds of tiny pine-covered islands dotting the bay and offering varied views to those on boats. The Kamakura Festival is celebrated by children building snow huts and entertaining themselves and each other in them.

Cheap flights to Japan with CheapTickets.nl

Any time of year is a great time to catch cheap flights to Japan through CheapTickets.nl. From snowy landscapes in the wintery north to cherry blossom bursting out all over the country in spring, and bathing in the Inland Sea in summer, those flights to Japan will be worth it. Use CheapTickets.nl to search out the best possible deals on flights Japan bound and you will not be disappointed.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding € 29,90 booking fee.

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