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Cheap flights to Oslo

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Flying to Oslo

For a while it was difficult for the residents of Oslo to know what to call their city. Over the years it has gone from being called Oslo, to Christiana and then to Kristiana. Finally in 1925, it reverted to Oslo again and has remained so ever since.

There is no need to worry about names when you book your flight Oslo bound. All you will need is your name and those who are travelling with you on your flights Oslo bound to ensure a great time and warm welcome. There are so many tourists using these flights Oslo is fast becoming one of the most popular European capitals.

Information on the sorts of flights Oslo accommodates

Most European cities have connections for flights Oslo bound. For international flights Oslo has Gardermoen airport. Once you have landed from your flight Oslo is just a 35 minute bus ride away. If you prefer to take private transport after arriving from your flight Oslo taxi drivers are plentiful, though they are more expensive than the bus and tend to take longer.

Some international flights Oslo bound land near Sandefjord, which is 81 miles south of the capital. For domestic flights Oslo and Norway as a whole are well set up as distances within the country are huge. If you only have two weeks with which to enjoy the country, it makes more sense to fly so you can cover as much ground as possible.

Shopping in Oslo

If you are like most people and want to take some souvenirs home on your flight Oslo does not disappoint with the range of goods it offers for sale. You might have to be choosy as Oslo is expensive though root around enough and you may come across some surprising bargains.

Traditional wool jumpers are of exceptionally high quality and will see you well through any British winter should you choose to purchase one. Other popular items are Viking or troll-related goods, cheese slicers (a device that was invented in Norway), painted wooden plates and dolls in traditional costume.

Markets are always a good bet in any city to come across unusual or exciting items, and Oslo is no exception. The Vestkanttorget flea market on Saturdays is filled with all sorts of bric-a-brac, while the Birkelunden on a Sunday is great for vintage clothing.

If you fancy owning a piece of Norwegian art, though Munch is probably out of your price range, head for Kunstnernes Hus where you can buy works straight off the wall. There are plenty of jewellers if antique or second-hand gold and silver pieces are what you crave, from earrings and bracelets to watches and necklaces.

If you fancy booking flights Oslo bound then look no further than CheapTickets.nl to guarantee you a bargain price for the time and day you require. Any of the flights Oslo offers will be available so you can choose the one most suited to you and your itinerary. Once you have booked your flight Oslo bound, all you need to do is go and have a good time.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding € 29,90 booking fee.

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