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With over 50 states to visit, it will be hard to choose which states and cities not to visit in the United States. Book cheap international flights to the United States with, whether you're travelling to the Big Apple (New York), the City by the Bay (San Francisco) or the Windy City (Chicago).

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The City that Never Sleeps, New York (we don’t have to tell you its second name is The Big Apple) is a city with some great places worth visiting. With its amazing high buildings and hip restaurants and bars, you’ll never have a dull moment. The city is famous for the Empire State building, Statue of Liberty and Times Square.

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Las Vegas, not only the city in the middle of the desert but also the biggest entertainment area in the world. Every year people gamble here for a total of 50 billion dollar. And every year 40 million people visit this amazing city. And did you know that 90% of all the big hotels in the world are in Las Vegas?

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Los Angeles is often called 'Creative Capital of the World'. The city got its name, because one of every six residents works in the creative industry! So if you’ve always wanted to take a step into the world of films, authors and celebs, this is your moment. Take a look at the big studios and nice villas in Hollywood.

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When you think of Miami, you think of beaches, boulevards and bars/clubs. Well that’s about right! But also imagine a city that’s clean, green and filled with fresh air. Miami is in the top three list of cleanest cities in the US. The best thing to do when in Miami is walk around, eat a good Pastelito and drink a freshly brewed Cortaditos.

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Iconic landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, and historic fascinations, like Alcatraz, draw visitors to take flights to San Francisco every year. Coupled with the tolerant attitude of the inhabitants, it makes the city to San Francisco even more tempting. There are many reasons why travellers want to be on the first flight to San Francisco.

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Being a strong contender for one of the top financial centres in America, Chicago attracts many people who are conducting business there, networking and doing deals. That is why so many of the flights Chicago accommodates have business men and women aboard. Look for the sharp suits, laptop cases and phones constantly glued to their ears.

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Washington DC is not just a place to view historical monuments and The White House. Though there are plenty of museums and places to educate, it has another side to it as well, one of wilderness at Great Falls National Park and night-time delights around Shaw Street. Delve a little deeper into the real capital by buying flights to Washington DC.

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On the road in the USA

A great way to cover and see as much of the United States as possible is to take a road trip. Many of these have been immortalised in songs and books. Route 66 covers 2,400 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles, the Pacific Coast Highway stretches up the coast of California for 930 miles, and the Great River Road follows the course of the mighty Mississippi as it winds its way from Minnesota down to New Orleans.

Where to stay in the United States?

If you had to sum up America in one word it would probably be ‘diverse’. Then there is mesmerising, ever-changing, and of course, huge. Most of the states are so massive they have their own laws or they trip across different time zones.

The hotels in the United States offer just as much variety so be prepared to have fun, meet a bunch of interesting people, and see sights you never contemplated before.

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