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Cheap flights to Chicago

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Flying to Chicago

Being a strong contender for one of the top financial centres in America, Chicago attracts many people who are conducting business there, networking and doing deals. That is why so many of the flights Chicago accommodates have business men and women aboard. Look for the sharp suits, laptop cases and phones constantly glued to their ears.

Many of the other flights Chicago has are more tailored for the holidaymaker who wants to visit Chicago for its famed architecture and great restaurants. These flights Chicago accommodates are more likely to be for long weekends so people can visit when not having to be at work.

Information on the flights Chicago has

For most international flights Chicago has O’Hare International Airport. If you are landing here from your flight Chicago is only about 10 miles away and easily reached through a variety of different modes of transport such as metro, train or taxi. The many flights Chicago has are landing all day every day from all over the world so there is plenty of variety of flights Chicago bound.

For more international flights and some domestic flights Chicago has a second airport called Midway. It is extremely convenient that the city has two airports to be able to accommodate all the flights Chicago has to deal with.

How Chicago rebuilt itself

You could be forgiven for thinking when you arrive on your flight Chicago is a city that has been built up over the centuries. This is not so. There was a fire in 1871 which razed it to the ground reducing most buildings to piles of ash. It was a tragedy that turned into a triumph as architects and town planners rose to the challenge of reinventing the landscape.

It was the city where the first ever skyscraper was built and Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famed architects of all times, developed his Prairie School of architecture. From the ashes of the city rose splendid styles like the Gothic Revival of the Water Tower or the Neo-Classical style represented by the Chicago Cultural Centre.

The sort of food to expect

Traditional Midwestern cooking has a very meat and potatoes style, which is great except you might want a bit more variety than that. You will not be disappointed as Chicago, being such a mix of cultures, offers a whole host of different cuisines from Mexico and Cajun to Thai and German.

It is a great place to come as a family because most establishments welcome them in with freshly cooked meatloaf or spicy ribs. If you require more elegant dining, that is here too with organic produce, impressive wine lists and gourmet fare. Though you have not really been to Chicago until you sample a ‘cheezeborger’ washed down with a bottle of ice-cold beer.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding € 29,90 booking fee.

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