Didgeridoos, wallabies and BBQs - discover Down Under

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Sydney Opera House, barbies on the beach, amber nectar - all these things are to Australia what Britain is to roast beef. But there is more to Australia than just the clichés of going walkabout or calling everyone ‘mate’. Australia has hidden depths and that is not just talking about the Great Barrier Reef!

Australia definitely has two sides to it as well. The central and western areas of Australia are arid and flat with sparse populations, while the coastal parts of Australia are widely populated and thriving. These two differing outlooks are enticing to travellers and so people flock to Australia in their millions.

Where to stay in Australia?

With dramatic landscapes, wide open spaces and friendly locals, the vast country that is Australia is just waiting to be explored. From the ever-shifting moods and colours of Ayres Rock to the majesty of the Sydney Opera House, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the variety of sights Down Under while staying in the many hotels in Australia.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding € 27,00 (1 pers.)- € 29,00 (>1 pers.) booking fee and any baggage costs.

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